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CPX Training Bot

An AI-based tool for medical exam practice

︎ Machine Learning
︎ Amazon Sumerian
︎ Amazon Lex
︎ Amazon Polly

CPX Training Bot lets medical students practice one of their most important exams on their way to becoming doctors.

CPX, The Clinical Performance Examination, is a standardized patient examination administered to medical students and is a standardized patient-based clinical skills assessment. The training bot will help the students to prepare for CPX by allowing them to diagnose and to give the right treatments to their virtual patients. 

Because of the lack of actors who can play standardized patients and the expense of hiring them, students are only able to experience practice with real humans once in six years of their medical education. To solve these problems, it was required to find a replacement for live practice that,

1. costs less money
2. gives medical students access to a variety of actors
3. easier access
4. more chances to practice

The project attempts to solve these by utilizing the realism, duplicative, randomization capabilities of AI to expand the possibilities for student-patient role play.